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BMW Leasing & Lease Deals

Initial payment: £1079.94 Prices from £179.99 ex Vat
Initial payment: £1229.94 Prices from £204.99 ex Vat
Initial payment: £1361.94 Prices from £226.99 ex Vat
Initial payment: £1649.94 Prices from £274.99 ex Vat
Initial payment: £1289.94 Prices from £214.99 ex Vat
Initial payment: £1229.94 Prices from £204.99 ex Vat
Initial payment: £1799.94 Prices from £299.99 ex Vat
Initial payment: £1271.94 Prices from £211.99 ex Vat
Initial payment: £1709.94 Prices from £284.99 ex Vat
Initial payment:£877.14 Prices from £292.38 ex Vat
Initial payment:£879.69 Prices from £293.23 ex Vat
Initial payment:£917.10 Prices from £305.70 ex Vat
Initial payment:£964.53 Prices from £321.51 ex Vat
Initial payment:£977.94 Prices from £325.98 ex Vat
Initial payment:£987.90 Prices from £329.30 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1101.24 Prices from £367.08 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1146.87 Prices from £382.29 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1391.82 Prices from £463.94 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1592.85 Prices from £530.95 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1749.66 Prices from £583.22 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1753.95 Prices from £584.65 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1800.15 Prices from £600.05 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1803.48 Prices from £601.16 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1856.40 Prices from £618.80 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1884.90 Prices from £628.30 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1906.32 Prices from £635.44 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1931.94 Prices from £643.98 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1946.64 Prices from £648.88 ex Vat
Initial payment:£2006.10 Prices from £668.70 ex Vat
Initial payment:£2155.32 Prices from £718.44 ex Vat
Initial payment:£2333.82 Prices from £777.94 ex Vat
Initial payment:£2780.79 Prices from £926.93 ex Vat
Initial payment:£2856.90 Prices from £952.30 ex Vat
Initial payment:£2884.53 Prices from £961.51 ex Vat
Initial payment:£3417.75 Prices from £1,139.25 ex Vat
Initial payment:£3485.34 Prices from £1,161.78 ex Vat
Initial payment:£3909.90 Prices from £1,303.30 ex Vat

Why Lease a BMW

Here at LeaseCar, we have a magnificent range of offers and deals when it comes to BMW car leasing. Whether you want to go down the route of BMW finance lease or business contract purchase, we can find you the very best BMW leasing deals out there. The manufacturer in question here is of course one of the most prestigious and desirable out there - driving a BMW is synonymous with success, and we can provide you with the means to do so affordably, and without the financial difficulties which can arise with buying a car outright as lease BMWs offer a highly affordable option.

BMW cars are known for their aesthetic superiority and high performance capabilities - they are a perfect illustration of the ingenuity of German engineering. There are few cars out there as impressive in all aspects as those made by BMW, and they have long been highly desirable for this very reason. This isn't going to change soon, either - BMW continue to come up with new designs and innovations which lead the automotive industry.

Due to the sheer range of options you have when you lease any car with us, you'll be able to get the exact BMW you want - from colour, to engine specification, and all the other added features and options you might want. Our main aim here at LeaseCar is to provide you with excellent deals, but we also want you to be driving a car you really like, and which represents you and your needs. It's all well and good facilitating cost effective motoring, but we feel that we also need to make sure that you get exactly what you're after, both visually and in terms of the specification of the vehicle.

As soon as we are certain which leasing option you are going to choose, and have agreed on your contract, you will be able to start enjoying your BMW and will have access to it extremely quickly - we deliver it to you for free! The extremely low deposits we ask for also mean that you will be able to access your dream vehicle really quickly, as you won't have to save up for a while.

So many people choose LeaseCar for their motoring needs because it allows them to drive vehicles which would otherwise cost too much money to run and maintain, to put it quite simply. Leasing is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, because it takes away many of the burdens that come with buying a car outright and consequently owning it. With leasing, you don't have to worry about what happens to the car once you're done with it - you simply hand it back. You also don't have to worry about the depreciation of the car you're driving, as of course you're not selling it on or trading it in.

Some of the lease BMWs we stock

All BMWs are popular, which is why we have gone out of our way to stock ones of all different shapes and sizes. Whether you want a compact one or a 4x4 model, we'll be able to set you up with your dream lease BMW.

1 Series

The smallest car in BMW's executive range, the 1 Series has been highly popular for over a decade now. It was launched in 2004, and was actually a replacement for the 3 Series Compact model.

The 1 Series is said to have made up almost 20% of all of BMW's total sales back in 2008, which is rather impressive considering the vast range of vehicles the company produce.

We have both 3-door and 5-door 1 BMW Series models available for lease, and over a hundred different variants, including diesel options and loads of different sizes of engines. We're very proud to be able to offer you such a superb range of lease BMW 1 Series cars, as they're quite rightly recognised as one of the finest ranges of compact executive cars on the market today.

2 Series

Also classed as a range of 'compact' executive cars, the 2 Series is a very recent venture by BMW - production of these vehicles only began in 2013, and they have quite rightly proved very popular already. Aesthetically the 2 Series cars are said to be a little bit more imposing that the 1 Series - rather like the older brother, if you will.

We have around 30 different 2 Series cars to choose from, and we even have special offers on a number of them (you should always keep an eye out for new ones). You can choose from petrol and diesel, and also may opt for automatic if you prefer, and there are sport models available too.

If you'd like more information about our 2 Series vehicles, please get in touch with us today - we'll be able to tell you the specification of each one and also help you distinguish between them.

3 Series

Many people are surprised when they learn that the vehicles in the BMW 3 Series range are classed as compact executive cars, but it’s true all the same. It's very arguably one of the most popular cars the company manufactures, and quite rightly so because it's so great visually and technically.

The 3 Series comes in saloon, estate, coupe variants, and there is also a high-performance variant for those of you who enjoy a car with a bite to match its bark. We've got over a hundred different 3 Series options to choose from, so if you would like help narrowing down the options, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us - we're here to help, after all!

4 Series

The 4 Series, like the 2 Series, is another extremely new range of compact executive cars. They've only been in production since 2013, and essentially it's an incredibly stylish coupe.

You have many 4 Series options here at LeaseCar, and you can choose between 2-door and 5-door variants, not to mention the fact that you also have a great deal of choice when it comes to the technical specifications, such as the engine and the fuel type.

As with many of our BMW lease deals, there are special offers on some of the 4 Series, so it's worth a good look through our list of both personal and business lease deals (the special offers are highlighted, have a star next to them and are always at the top of the list - so they're not hard to see!).

Again, if you've got any questions about any of the cars in this range, give us a call and we'll be able to provide you with whatever information you require. If you'd just like a bit of advice on which one might be best for you and your circumstances, we can also shed some light in this area too!

5 Series

Having been in production since 2009, the 5 Series models are extremely popular. Again, you can choose whether you have a saloon or an estate model, and we have many variants within those two subcategories for you to choose from.

Some background on BMW History

Before the First World War, BMW were manufacturers of aeroplane engines - and that was all they made at this point. They then started producing motorcycles in the early 1920s, but they didn't actually embark upon their automobile ventures until 1927. However, once they began to manufacture cars, the company found its true calling.

One of the first road cars they produced was the Dixi (DA-1 3/15PS), around the time of December 1927, and these were essentially German variants of the Austin 7. Thankfully for BMW, this project was a success - which is highly impressive due to the economic climate of the ensuing few years (the infamous Wall Street Crash of 1929 did of course trigger a worldwide depression).

Fast-forward to 1936, and the company are embarking on a new and very exciting project - the 328. This was a distinctive sports car which was manufactured from 1936 right up until the outbreak of the Second World War. It was designed (the body, that is) by Peter Szymanowski, who, upon the conclusion of World War II, became the chief of design.

Though BMW were now producing cars, they were still also involved in the design and manufacture of aeroplane engines and motorcycles, but things changed once the war broke out…

Much to the displeasure of BMW's then director, Franz Josef Popp, the company had no choice but to completely stop manufacturing cars and concentrate primarily on the production of aircraft engines, and secondarily make motorcycles. Times were hard immediately after the war, and BMW drastically altered their product range: they kept their head above water by producing items such as pots and pans (would you believe it?!) and bicycles.

By the time 1948 came around, they were able to start manufacturing motorcycles again, whilst their factory in Eisenach fell under the occupation of Soviet forces. The Soviets saw to it that production of BMW's pre-war automobile (and motorcycle) designs was recommenced, which went on until the middle of the fifties.

The company started manufacturing in Bavaria in 1952, which is where many of the 501 model cars were built - this being another iconic car in BMW's history, and a luxury saloon. It would appear, however, that beautiful though it was, the world - certainly as far as the German market was concerned - was not ready for a luxury saloon (we must bear in mind that the war was not long over at this point, and Germany were still getting back on their feet). As a result of this, they decided to produce the Isetta under licence to make up for the poor profitability of the 501. The Isetta was an Italian microcar, which was a good venture for BMW as these sort of cars were highly sought after at the time - they provided low-cost motoring, which was exactly what post-war Europe was crying out for.

By the end of the 1950s, BMW was still not doing as well as they would have liked in terms of sales and profitability, and in the company's annual general meeting in 1959, a merger with Daimler Benz (i.e. the Mercedes people) was proposed. As you can imagine, this notion wasn't very popular and a counter-proposal was made, which gathered enough momentum to prevent the merger from happening.

In 1961, BMW unveiled the 1500, a compact sedan which had a specification which was considered extremely modern at the time. This project was one of the decisions BMW made which undoubtedly turned their luck around - it improved their reputation as a manufacturer of sleek and sporty cars, and featured front disc brakes and four-wheel independent suspension, which at the time was rather impressive.

In 1963, BMW did so well that they were able to offer dividends to shareholders for the first time in more than two decades (since the outbreak of the Second World War, basically). You could say that this was the point at which they were properly back on their feet. By the time 1966 came around, their Munich plant could not handle any more production, and so they had to restructure their other factories in order to handle it.

As the sixties became the seventies, Eberhard von Kuenheim took over as CEO of BMW (he came from their rivals Daimler-Benz) and basically transformed the company into the German automotive giant it is today. During his tenure (i.e. from 1970 until the early 1990s), they quadrupled their car production figures and the company's turnover multiplied by almost 20 times.

Why choose LeaseCar?

Here at LeaseCar we are committed to providing our customers with fantastic BMW lease deals on their dream cars. We believe that leasing is a much more economical and stress-free avenue to go down for any motorist, as it eliminates the need to worry about depreciation and (consequently) the sell-on value. Not only that, but your insurance is included in your monthly payments, and should the car need any servicing or maintenance, you won't have to worry about that (or the cost) either.

If you have any questions whatsoever about any of our lease BMW vehicles or the superb deals we can offer you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Give us a call on 0344 745 1818- one of our helpful and friendly members of staff will be more than happy to clarify anything you want or explain further.