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Skoda Leasing & Lease Deals

Initial payment:£358.14 Prices from £119.38 ex Vat
Initial payment:£358.29 Prices from £119.43 ex Vat
Initial payment:£424.59 Prices from £141.53 ex Vat
Initial payment:£447.39 Prices from £149.13 ex Vat
Initial payment:£456.75 Prices from £152.25 ex Vat
Initial payment:£547.62 Prices from £182.54 ex Vat
Initial payment:£549.69 Prices from £183.23 ex Vat
Initial payment: £959.94 Prices from £159.99 ex Vat
Initial payment: £989.94 Prices from £164.99 ex Vat
Initial payment:£642.54 Prices from £214.18 ex Vat
Initial payment:£666.24 Prices from £222.08 ex Vat

Why Lease a Skoda

Skoda is one of the most trusted and well-thought-of European car manufacturers, with several assembly plants across the world. Over the last decade or so specifically, they have really come into their own and have garnered numerous awards.

In 2010, both Which? and What Car? named Skoda the best overall brand, whilst the previous year in 2009, they won both ‘Luxury Car of the Year’ and ‘Family Car of the Year’ awards in Top Gear Magazine, for the Skoda Superb and the Skoda Yeti, respectively.

Since 1991 Skoda has been a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, which was undeniably the best thing to happen to them in decades. In that time they have transformed themselves from a state-owned manufacturer who made only two cars to one of the world’s most cutting-edge automotive companies.

Skoda pride themselves in the quality of the cars they produce. They employ specialists to work on their state-of-the-art assembly lines and carry out all aspects of the car’s manufacture with precision and skill.

They have assembly plants across the globe and are continuing to build on their excellent reputation and public image, which has vastly improved since the turn of the millenium, thanks to better resources, materials, minds. Their contemporary design team’s approach is highly ambitious and technical, which means that their output is both keeping up with competitors and innovative in itself. Skoda are no longer viewed as a reliable yet unambitious brand, but a reliable and prestigious brand with a range of choice and products to suit everyone - businesspeople, families, and the young and old.

Why Lease Skoda?

In this day and age, many more people are choosing to lease cars rather than buy. This is for a number of reasons, mainly as the financial benefits are plain to see. Skoda are now recognised as one of the best car manufacturers around, and they can be leased at astonishingly affordable prices. Get in touch with us to find out more about leasing Skoda.

Financial Benefits of Leasing

When you lease a car, there is no worry of having to put down a huge deposit. You are not responsible for the payment of the car’s tax either, and if or when it needs repairs, you do not have fork out for them. Outside of your leasing costs, the only thing you have to pay for is the petrol you put in - it could not be any easier or any less hassle.

Skoda’s cars consistently do extremely well in customer satisfaction surveys - every year their results are brilliant and more and more people choose Skoda as a result. If you lease a Skoda car from us, you will be getting a brand-new one, and you will see for yourself how great a drive they are.

    Skoda Superb Estate
  • Fabulously smooth at higher speeds, it performs well when cruising
  • The grip is evident and reassuring
  • Steering is nice and extremely accurate
  • Noise isolation is good - both wind and road noises are cancelled out very well
  • Clearly-labelled and minimalistic dashboard is elegant and easy to use
  • An enormous amount of boot space
  • Optimum leg-room in the front and back
  • Air-conditioning system
  • CD & MP3 players
    Skoda Superb
  • Very sophisticated and refined look
  • Good for cruising at high speeds
  • Agile and pleasant in terms of steering
  • Good noise-cancellation both in terms of the road and the wind sounds
  • A luxurious amount of legroom
    Skoda Octavia Estate
  • Smooth acceleration and comfort at high speeds
  • Composure whilst going round sharp bends and turning
  • Impressive and accurate steering
  • Gear-change feels nice and smooth
  • Large, square boot
  • Rear parking sensors
    Skoda Octavia
  • h3 engine which flourishes at high speed
  • Great deal of grip
  • Pleasant and effective suppression of road noise
  • Slick gear-change experience
  • Seats very adjustable and versatile
  • Lots of legroom
    Skoda Yeti Outdoor Estate
  • Compact sports utility vehicle that doesn’t compromise on toughness
  • Ready to tackle difficult terrain - highly practical
  • Great for families
  • Extremely comfortable seating
    Skoda Yeti Estate
  • Tough sports utility shape and look
  • Compact size perfect for UK roads
  • Very good everyday car or family car
    Skoda Rapid Spaceback
  • h3 engine performance - even with a full car
  • Steering is accurate
  • Handles corners and sharp bends well
  • Nice interior layout
  • Height-adjustable driver’s seat
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Adequate boot space
    Skoda Rapid
  • Engines do well at high performance
  • Nice shape and aesthetic
  • Lots of room in the back
  • Easy access to the back seats - great for families with young children
  • Big and square boot area
    Skoda Roomster Estate
  • Compact people-carrier
  • Very practical and comfortable
  • Deep rear windows
  • Large amounts of space
    Skoda Fabia Estate
  • Smooth and enjoyable drive
  • Surprisingly good amount of cabin space given its size
  • Massive boot - great for shopping
  • Comfortable going round corners - grip very good
    Skoda Fabia
  • Extremely popular because of its reliability
  • Spacious cabin despite the car’s relative compactness
  • Very comfortable seating
  • Useful dashboard which is easy to use
  • Twin front and side airbags
    Skoda Citigo
  • Attractive city car
  • Superb handling, allowing for a smooth ride
  • Solid for such a small car
  • Four people would be more than comfortable
  • Ideal for urban environments
The History of Skoda Auto From bicycle repairs to automobile manufacture

The wheels actually started turning, so to speak, on what we now know as Skoda Auto in 1894, in a city called Mlada Boleslav which is about 30 miles northeast of Prague. A Czech bookseller called Vaclav Klement sent his bicycle back to its German manufacturers, Seidel and Naumann, with an accompanying letter - written in Czech - asking if they would repair it. To his annoyance, he received a reply from Seidel and Naumann which he took as flippant and thought was wholly unacceptable. They said that they refused to deal with a request that was written in a language they could not understand.

As a consequence, Klement teamed up with a local bicycle manufacturer from a nearby town, and the two of them went on to found their own bicycle repair shop. Only a year on from that, they decided to go one step further and established the Laurin & Klement Company, because they wanted to design and manufacture their own brand of bicycles, which became known as the Slavia brand.

The new company was an instant and continuous success, so the workforce expanded accordingly along with it, and in 1898 Laurin & Klement moved to a brand new factory and began to design and build motorcyclettes too. After a year or so of trial and error, the company produced the first proper motorcycle and were accredited in the media for doing so. From there, not only did Laurin & Klement become a respected household name within Austria-Hungary, but they were internationally recognised and lauded as well.

In 1905 Laurin & Klement decided to try their hand at the manufacture of automobiles and by 1907 they had in fact stopped manufacturing motorcycles altogether. Shortly after the First World War they began to design and build trucks, but unfortunately experienced a somewhat difficult year in 1924, and from there they started to look for a new partner. It was here that the Skoda name came into the equation, when they were acquired by Skoda Works.

Skoda Works

The history of the Skoda Works brand extends much further back than the production of cars and Laurin & Klement, and is rich and interesting in itself. Here are the brief points of note:

  • In 1869, Emil Ritter von Skoda - a Bohemian industrialist and engineer of Czech descent - bought the arms company he worked for from its founders and owners, the Waldenstein family, who had only established it some ten years prior to that.
  • Three years prior to acquiring the company from the Waldensteins, Emil Skoda had built his way up at the company to become chief engineer when he was only 27-years-old.
  • In 1886, Emil Skoda had a railway connection built to the facility in order to allow for optimum transport links, and in 1890 the company started to produce arms for the Austro-Hungarian Army in a purpose-built factory (Bohemia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire).
  • In 1899 - the year before he died - Emil Skoda incorporated the business into a joint-stock company under the name ‘Skoda Works’, which he was able to do due to the continuous expansion and success the business experienced in the manufacture of arms.
  • After the end of the First World War, Skoda Works wanted to experience growth in the non-arms parts of the business, and this is when they acquired Laurin & Klement in 1925.
During and After the Second World War

Just before World War II and throughout it, the Skoda factory was used by the Germans to support their war effort, manufacturing military planes, military vehicles and weaponry. For this reason the factory suffered regular aerial bombing between 1940 and 1945, and in a particularly heavy attack in April 1945 it was almost completely obliterated. However, the factory rebuild only took a couple of months and was complete by July of the same year, when they immediately began work on and production of the first post-World War II car.

Subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group

When communism fell in late 1989, it meant that many industries were privatised, therefore the following year the Czech government decided to appoint Volkswagen as a foreign partner. In 1991 Skoda and Volkswagen made a joint-venture partnership agreement.

This was the turning point for Skoda, really, and over the next few years they came into their own. In 1994 they released the Felicia model, which was essentially an updated version of the Favorit model. The Favorit was introduced some seven years prior in 1987, which did well in the United Kingdom and Denmark because it was considered a reliable car. The Felicia, though, was one step better than its predecessor, as they were made using materials of a higher quality, and it was extremely popular in the United Kingdom, doing very well in customer satisfaction surveys also.

Fantastic Advertising Campaign

It could be said that from the 1960s through to the end of the 1980s, Skoda’s reputation slumped and people associated Skoda cars as budget cars. This continued after the merger with Volkswagen had taken place and the cars were of a much better standard. Therefore in an effort to convince people that Skoda cars were now once again of premium, in 2001 they decided to launch an advertising campaign in the United Kingdom that was incredibly bold yet undeniably ingenious.

At the end of a television advert they used the slogan: “It is a Skoda. Honest.” This decision to capitalise on the fact that people made fun of Skodas could have made or broken their reputation, but it did the former. The public reacted well to it and seem to have found the ironic humour quite charming. Skoda then devised a number of similar adverts to continue on that theme, one ending with: “It’s a Skoda. Which, for some, is still a problem,” and another advert showed a Skoda assembly line worker attaching the Skoda badge to bonnets, and then standing back when a bunch of nice-looking cars appear, refusing to believe that they are Skoda cars.

This strategy worked and figures indicate that by 2005 the public image was much healthier than it had ever been, as in that year 30,000 Skoda cars were sold in the UK, and they continue to sell very well. Skoda cars also do magnificently in customer satisfaction surveys year upon year.

There was a fantastic advert in 2007 by Skoda for their Fabia model, which shows a team adorned in lab coats and protective equipment assemble a Fabia entirely from cake and desserts. Surreal and funny, it is truly memorable and further demonstrates Skoda’s transformation and clever strategies.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch in order to learn more about Skoda. One of our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful members of staff will be happy to answer any query you could possibly have about what offers are available, how the leases work and anything else you might want to know about our selection of Skoda cars.