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Volvo Leasing & Lease Deals

Initial payment:£578.85 Prices from £192.95 ex Vat
Initial payment: £1739.94 Prices from £289.99 ex Vat
Initial payment:£654.06 Prices from £218.02 ex Vat
Initial payment: £1529.94 Prices from £254.99 ex Vat
Initial payment:£825.60 Prices from £275.20 ex Vat
Initial payment:£860.91 Prices from £286.97 ex Vat
Initial payment:£918.27 Prices from £306.09 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1114.38 Prices from £371.46 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1155.09 Prices from £385.03 ex Vat
Initial payment:£1599.06 Prices from £533.02 ex Vat

Why Lease a Volvo

Volvo's are an incredibly reliable brand that would be a superb choice for anyone interested in car leasing. Models like the Volvo s40 have set the bar for car reliability, as well as showcasing some of the most important automobile safety features. They are incredibly stylish, comfortable, and safe vehicles. They were originally created to be rugged vehicles that could withstand even the harshest of Sweden’s weather conditions and rough roads. This thought process has been translated throughout the years, ensuring that every vehicle is built to a good standard. When leasing a car, a Volvo can be a great option for you.


Volvo were first founded in 1927 in Gothenburg, Sweden. When they first started out, they understood that it would be people driving these vehicles, so the main principle they would focus on is safety. The very first Volvo car left the assembly line on April 14, 1927, and was called Volvo OV 4. This vehicle was designed to be reliable in the Swedish climate and terrain. On their first year of business, they built 280 cars. Just two years later they sold 639 cars. Now they make thousands of vehicles every year.

In 1944, they introduced laminated glass into the PV model. Laminated glass stays together when shattered, meaning that if someone was in a car accident, it would be more likely that the people inside had less of a chance of being injured by the glass.

It was later on, in 1958, that a Volvo engineer invented and patented the modern 3 point safety belt, which quickly became standard in all Volvo cars the year after. He then made the design patent open, because he understood just how safe three point safety belts are. In the interest of safety, he make it available to other car manufacturers for free. Volvo were also the first to introduce side air bags, and installed them as a standard piece of equipment in 1996.

The way that Volvo has focused on safety over the years shows just how dedicated they are as a company. They want to make sure that people are as safe as possible by developing safety technologies.

Why lease a Volvo?

As you can see by reading through their history, Volvo are heavily focused on safety. You can lease a Volvo and have the peace of mind that you are driving a car that has had the time and effort put in to make it not only safe, but reliable.

Even though these vehicles are created to be as safe as possible, they are also cars that people enjoy for their style and their looks. Volvo take time and use precision to create a vehicle that is nice to look at. Some of these vehicles are so stylishly designed, diplomats from all over the world choose to ride in a Volvo.


Here at, we have a wide selection Volvo’s on offer. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle will be used for business or personal use, you will be able to find a Volvo car to lease that is best suited for you.

The Volvo’s we have on offer are:

  • Volvo V40
  • Volvo S60 Saloon
  • Volvo V60 Estate
  • Volvo XC60 4x4
  • Volvo V70 Estate
  • Volvo XC70 Estate
  • Volvo S80 Saloon
  • Volvo XC90 4x4

All of our Volvo vehicles are of the highest quality, so you can always be sure that you will be getting your moneys worth and only the very best vehicle available. If you have any questions about any of the vehicles we have on offer, please get in contact as soon as possible.

Volvo V40

The V40 design meets the needs of even the most demanding of drivers. Volvo have cleverly combined an exclusive exterior and interior styling, the optional sports chassis and responsive engines create one of the most sporty, yet refined hatchbacks on the market.

Its exterior design includes an exclusive R-Design front end. The front end also has a glossy black grill and unique LED lights. Inside of the vehicle there is a black interior with specially sculpted front seats.

When on the road, the V40 offers sharp handling and steering, without compromising any of the ride quality. An optional lowered sports chassis reduces any body roll through the corners. The V40 is available with fuel efficient petrol and diesel engines. Measures have been included to help improve the handling and agility so that you have full control at all times.

The V40 has various technologies that help protect you if an accident happens. City Safety, Pedestrian Airbag and DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) are all standard.

Volvo S60 Saloon

The Volvo S60 has a cabin that is not only classy, but also comfortable and spacious. The safety equipment is incredibly hi-tech and simple to use, making it available for a large market. Volvo claim that is is the sportiest and sharpest looking car that Volvo have created.

The S60 range includes four petrol and three diesel engines with five trim levels. You can choose from an entry level business edition, mid range SE and SE lux, the R design, the R design Lux and the R design Lux Nav. Buyers of the R design trim can also opt for a performance pack, which gives the car an even sportier appearance, as well as an improved driver engagement.

It doesn’t matter which engine size you go for, the Volvo S60 responds sharply to any drive input. This is thanks to its direct steering and strong front end grip. When on a long journey, the Volvo is incredibly relaxed, and has low noise levels.

Like the majority of Volvo’s, the S60 is clearly a class leader in safety and reliability. Volvo fit electronic stability control as standard, as well as a full fitting of airbags. The City Safety feature helps to prevent low speed collisions by applying the brakes automatically if the on board computer realises a crash is imminent.

Other features include pedestrian detection, which promises to automatically stop the car as long as you are under 20 mph, in the event that a pedestrian walks in front of the car’s path.

Volvo V60 Estate

When Volvo create an estate car, you may expect them to put practicality before anything else. They’ve created one of the best looking cars that Volvo have ever made, and it looks really distinctive on the road. The later, 2013 update gave the V60 a completely refreshed look. The interior even rivals Mercedes and BMW.

Everything has been carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort for not only the driver, but passengers as well. The front seats offer a good driving position, and it is comfy to sit in. The rear tells a similar story, you can find plenty of legroom, and the roofline accommodates to even the tallest of passengers.

Previous Volvo estate cars aren’t well known for being sporty. The Volvo V60 is a good car to drive. The accurate steering is a great help towards the cars agility, and there’s a good amount of grip for when you’re turning corners. The V60 is ideal if you have a lot of motorway driving to do.

Like all Volvo vehicles, the V60 is jam packed with safety features. These features range from six airbags, electronic stability control and City Safe systems. There is an optional Driver Support pack that includes a blind spot warning system, as well as a lane change alert.

Volvo XC60 4x4

Do you need a vehicle that is a bigger and more adaptable. The Volvo XC60 is a comfortable and practical family SUV. The XC60 has a normal five seat layout, but it does have a big boot. The high driving position aims to create a comfortable driving experience.

The XC60 range was updated with a brand new look, which makes it look up to date and whole lot more upmarket than previously. The engine is efficient as well as powerful, and it provides a nice driving experience. A brand new eight speed automatic gearbox has been introduced, and it is incredibly smoother and quicker to respond that previous automatic vehicles.

Safety equipment is great in this vehicle, with electronic braking aids, dual stage airbags, traction control, hill descent control, a safety curtain for side impacts and various other safety features.

Volvo V70 Estate

The Volvo V70 is a spacious and comfortable estate vehicle that can rival various other estate cars. There’s the choice of either manual and PowerShift twin clutch automatic transmissions, so this vehicle accommodates to any driver. Like with all Volvo’s, safety equipment is extensive. Even the entry level cars get alloy wheels, climate control and cruise control as standard.

The V70 has been designed to act as functional as possible. It may not look as stylish to look at, but it still is a great car to look at.

The engine creates an incredibly smooth ride. It is a great motorway cruiser, as the refined features make sure that any journey you do, you’ll be comfortable. Parking sensors make parking much easier.

Volvo haven’t let us down yet with safety, and the V70 is no different. It receives the maximum of five stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests. Standard safety kits include driver and passenger airbags, as well as whiplash protection, ABS and traction control.

Volvo XC70 Estate

The Volvo XC70 is a four wheeled drive version of the V70 estate. The most notable difference is that it has a raised height to give it off road capabilities. The XC70 has a big boot and high quality interior, all while being able to handle better in harsh weather conditions.

A feature that you can only tell once you’re actually in the car is the longer travel suspension. It rides considerably better when compared to the estate model. Soft suspension allows much better off road performance, with the ride still being comfortable on rough roads. The XC70 easily proves that it can a dependable and practical family vehicle.

Volvo is an incredibly reliable vehicle. It has a five star Euro NCAP crash test score, and there are various passive and active systems that create an even safer ride.

Volvo S80 Saloon

The Volvo S80 is Volvo’s executive saloon. It is incredibly spacious, and has a lot of equipment as standard. The ride isn’t as smooth as other models, unless you invest in the DRIVe model. It doesn’t stand out as much as other Volvo Models.

Although the ride isn’t so great, it more than makes up in reliability. It has traction and stability control, six axis airbags and anti whiplash head restraints, all as standard. Optional accessories include Volvo’s blind spot warning system and active cruise control.

The driving position is very good. It can take a while to get used to the oversized steering wheel. There’s a whole lot of adjustment options, and the seats are easily some of the best you can find. They’re incredibly supportive, and they won’t become uncomfortable after a long journey.

Volvo XC90 4x4

The Volvo XC90 4x4 has always been a strong seller. Its spacious cabin, comfortable ride and top quality safety rating all made a vehicle that is top quality. You can only drive with an automatic gearbox, but it still suits the XC90 perfectly.

Even though the XC90 is older compared to other Volvo models, it doesn’t look out of place compared to other modern cars. The design was always intended to be classy, and it doesn’t look any different. This is a vehicle that will catch the eye.

The XC90 boasts comfort, even on long journeys. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a long motorway journey, you’ll still be in comfort. Even if a road is not in the best of conditions, or the weather takes a turn for the worst, you will barely notice.

The Volvo XC90 has a five star safety rating from Euro NCAP. You get airbags for both driver and passengers, as well as a full length curtain airbag, all as standard. There are five, full sized seats, as well as two child size seats. This makes the XC90 a practical and luxurious family car. If you don’t need the two child seats then you can easily fold them down to free up more space.

After seeing the range of Volvo lease cars we have on offer, you can clearly see just how well made these vehicles are. They offer safety that is unrivalled by anybody else. If you are interested in car leasing, get in touch today and our dedicated team can help you out to find the ideal vehicle for you.